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About CAKE

Desserts are something that brings people together, a celebration in a sense, and Karen loves to mirror her appreciation for being a part of such a special event through her work.


Born in India, Karen’s passion and love for baking have grown with her since she was a child. Peering into the confectioner’s window in Kolkata, Karen was always drawn to the colorful desserts before her; when she came to America, she refused to leave that passion for desserts behind. She always looked forward to creating the dessert spread for her children’s birthday parties, and as the years progressed the creations became more and more impressive.

Determined to transform this love into a career, Karen began to take baking courses at ICE, one of the top culinary institutes in New York City. Working under the guidance of Master Chef Toba Garrett, she fine-tuned the particulars of her baking and decorating techniques.

With each piece she offers, whether a small batch of cookies or a wedding cake for 500, Karen ensures it perfectly encompasses everything you wanted and more. Each dessert is hand-crafted for you: you conjure up the idea and she will make it come to life. This passion is what has driven  to be a part of the baking world for such a long time, and what keeps her going each and every day.

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